Today’s Big Mastermind Topic is All Around How to Sell Online Courses

This week’s internet marketing mastermind group brought up this important topic, as it leverages your expertise to develop and sell online courses

Looking to gain some insights into your online marketing efforts? If so take a peek inside this month’s internet marketing mastermind meetup.

This week’s Internet Marketing Mastermind topics covered:

  • Video hosting platforms….where’s the best place to host your videos when you want to create branded and private classes and training courses?
  • How to sell courses online, training class platforms: where can you build your online training courses? Are there all in one solutions and if so, what are the pros and cons to consider?
  • WordPress membership plugins…how do they work and how do they compare to an all in one platform?
  • A basic search question was asked by a newbie wondering why she can’t find a website she just built for herself… listen in as it’s an SEO (search engine optimization) issue.
  • Another basic question was: “should you pay for the added privacy when buying a domain name and what does that added privacy afford you?

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Liz Gracia, Personal Brand Strategist & Online Marketing Expert at The Athena ArenaAbout Our Internet Marketing Mastermind Host:

Liz Gracia is Founder, Editor in Chief and Director of Marketing for The Mind Body Spirit Network and Personal Brand Strategist and Brand Builder for She is a Certified Digital Marketing expert, and personal brand builder and loves inspiring small business owners to expand their visibility and reach online with impactful personal brands.

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