Facebook  Advertising Tips & Strategies Before You Go Diving In…Blueprint for a Successful Facebook Campaign

So I hear from many people that they are bombing big time when it comes to their Facebook advertising efforts.

And to add insult to injury, Facebook seems to be constantly modifying and updating their algorithms.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing!?!

How would you like a little “how to” basics on diving into Facebook ads and understanding what to expect and how they work?

This is Part 2 in a two part “How to” advertise on Facebook basics webinar. You can watch Part 1 webinar replay here.

In part 2 I cover:

  1. Creating a lead magnet, some Facebook marketing strategies to address this.
  2. Creating a Facebook ad (Facebook advertising tips for selecting images and writing copy)
  3. Creating landing pages for your ad campaigns and understanding the significance of A/B split tests.
  4. Creating an email automation stream for your Facebook ad,
  5. Common problems people are unaware of in their sales funnel development efforts. (Relevancy, congruency, avoid “bait and switch” tactics, etc…)
  6. Optimizing your sales funnel all along the way.
  7. Optimize your email automation stream to improve open rates and click through rates.

Then listen in!

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This is an informal free form & open Q&A webinar on Facebook advertising tips and strategies …how it works, what’s going on, how to set up audiences, and more!

Liz Gracia Founder of The Athena Arena

Liz Gracia, Founder of TheAthenaArena.com and TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com is a personal brand strategist, intuitive brand builder, digital marketing expert, unwitting mystic & powerful healer who is passionate about understanding levels of consciousness and where true power really exists. She emboldens women entrepreneurs & service based solopreneurs to stake your claim, own your brilliance, and leverage your significant wisdom and expertise with a brilliant branding strategy to supercharge your business with a “Wonder Woman” brand. Liz works just outside of Aspen, CO with community connections in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. She hosts “High Vibe Tribe” TV and leads an online Meetup & business networking group for small business owners across the United States and the world!

Stand Out and Thrive: 7 Powerful Business Differentiators for Customer Attraction

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