Personal Brand Building for Brilliant Women Entrepreneurs on a Mission!

It was an “ah ha!” moment for me when I was first introduced to the significance of brand marketing for small businesses or personal branding for service based soloprenuers. I realized this was the missing ingredient for all of my small business clients and women entrepreneurs that have been floundering in attempts to gain any foothold and traction in their businesses.

Liz Gracia, Online Marketing Expert at The Athena ArenaBuilding a brand is NOT just for BIG companies anymore!

It’s for consciously awakening, farsighted women entrepreneurs that are on a mission to:

  • Put a Stake in the Ground.
  • Own Your Brilliance.
  • Articulate Your Brand.
  • Make a Significant Impact in Our World.

Many small business owners have a belief that the professional brand building process is economically beyond their reach (As reported by Branding for Dummies it can run $11,000 on the low end to well over $100K on the high end, for more significant companies).

So I thought to myself, how can I help bridge the gap?  How can I provide value driven brand building strategies, digital marketing expertise and knowledge of where power and truth in consciousness really exist in order to provide a significant return on investment for my creative, visionary and transformational cliemts?

For this reason, I developed Personal Brand Builder Bootcamps, Personal Branding Workshops and one-on-one personal brand strategist – consulting programs for farsighted women entrepreneurs, small service based businesses,  or female solopreneurs that are ready to make a difference!

SuperCharge Your Business with a “Wonder Woman” Brand!


Well, the reasons for this are many, so let’s just name a few:

Who's Your Ideal Client? It can't be everyone!

Here’s a Branding Problem for Ya’!

You have not clearly identified your ideal client and are using the less than effective shot gun method approach to attracting new customers.

If you can’t clearly articulate the value-driven results you provide your very specific client, how can you expect them to recognize you? You need to make it very easy for your ideal clients to self-identify without you having to say or do too much.

When you succeed at this, it’s called leverage!

Are You Profitable? It can be challenging if you're trying to be all things to all people.

Here’s Another Branding Problem for Ya’!

You are attempting to be all things to all people just to “get” the business. This results in a mixed bag of not so profitable interactions.

Sound familiar?

When you fine tune your offerings, stick to your most profitable offerings and let less than clients go by the wayside…then you’ll begin aligning with your powerful truth and confidence and supercharging your “Wonder Woman” brand.

Why Else Commit to Personal Branding?

You are a “me too” brand, meaning you haven’t clearly set yourself apart from the crowd. (life coach, business coach, alternative healer, transformation coach, writer, speaker, visionary leader, luminary teacher, agent of change, etc…) see what I mean?


Do you communicate consistently everywhere you show up as your brand?

How Confident Are You That Someone Can Easily Refer You?

Are you memorable? Noticeable? Unique in clearly defined ways?

Here’s my example: “SuperCharge Your Business with a Wonder Woman Brand”

When I share my tagline with people, it totally lights them up and they “get” what I mean in regards to being memorable, noticeable and easily sharable.

If not, this is a sure sign of a “branding problem” as you haven’t clearly identified the words and phrases you want to use to consistently communicate your unique “Athena-Wonder Woman”  brand.

Are all of your visuals aligned with your brand?

This Is a Big One!

(And a common one if you are a DIY graphic or web designer trying to save some money! Does it ever really pay off?)

If you haven’t clearly identified your brand, your images, graphics, fonts and overall visuals are a mixed bag of messages and impressions that are confusing and circus-like (especially if you haven’t hired professional help to put these things all together).

“Woman Up!” and get the professional graphic and web design you need after you’ve gone through the branding process.

Put Your Stake in the Ground Now!

SuperCharge Your Business with a “Wonder Woman” Brand

A 1st Step Into The Arena

The Starter Kit into any online marketing efforts is the Business Awareness Boost!

Not quite ready to dive into a 6 week brand builder bootcamp or personal branding workshop?

Our BusinessAwarenessBoost™ package is your first step into the “Athena Arena”.

6 Week PowerPlay
A Personal Branding Workshop

6 Week Power Play a Personal Branding Workshop for Conscious Solopreneurs

Ready to dive in?

Because you’re farsighted, emboldened and wise enough to know when its high time to get clear, really concise and aligned with the truth of who you are, what you stand for, & how you set yourself apart in impactful and meaningful ways….

Let’s go!

Be the Change Media, LLC, doing business as, is a small digital marketing company specializing in developing comprehensive and holistic content marketing strategies, personal branding and messaging strategies, and holistic SEO WordPress web design. If you are in the market for a local holistic digital marketing company, personal branding consultant, coach or strategist, and  SEO-driven web design company serving the Colorado Rocky Mountian communities of Vail, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, or Aspen, CO, you have stumbled upon the perfect place! Schedule a FREE no obligation 30-minute consutation here. 

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