Episode #5: What’s the #1 Thing Most Entrepreneurs Miss Entirely in Their Online Marketing Plan?

In today’s episode, we’ll discover why keyword marketing research is essential.

Welcome to episode #5 of The Athena Arena Podcast – The Digital Marketing Podcast & Content Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure (what I call) Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game.

And for all you gorgeous and talented men out there…don’t let the “Wonder Woman Brands” thing throw you! This is as much for men as it is for women.

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Liz Gracia Founder of The Athena Arena and Digital Marketing Podcast Host

What’s the #1 thing most small business owners and solopreneurs miss entirely before they develop a new website (or update it), create lead magnets and email nurture funnels, offer products or services, develop online courses, make videos, write blog posts, launch an online business or even launch podcasts?

I’ve been in the SEO-driven WordPress website design and digital marketing world since 2009. I see the same thing repeatedly, and today we’re going to discuss the #1 thing most people neglect before diving into a new website or any online marketing effort.

Content is King, but how do you determine what content to create?So let’s get to today’s topic..the #1 thing most business owners miss entirely before developing any content marketing assets.

And to put this into further perspective,  I am currently taking a course on developing and launching an online digital course.

And this course has a really active online Facebook group and community, and my feeling about this #1 thing has been validated repeatedly.

And the tagline I created over a decade ago still holds true…

Most people have “Online Overwhelm,” meaning you can’t keep up and don’t know where to begin!

Does this sound familiar?

It can become analysis paralysis, and you start throwing spaghetti at the walls to see what sticks.

What if I told you there’s an easy way to assess the viability of any marketing content you are creating before spending excessive time and effort in creating it?

This is true for product and service development and business development in general.

Stop floundering, guessing, and wasting valuable time!

Create an easy yet powerful clarity-driven roadmap and structure around an intelligence-based content strategy that gets results.

So let’s see how intuitive you are…what do you think is the #1 thing most entrepreneurs miss before diving into online marketing or even developing a business plan?

Before I tell you what it is, let’s first define content marketing assets.

It may seem obvious, but let’s not leave any stone unturned.

  • Content Marketing AssetsWebsites,
  • Lead Magnets,
  • Email nurture funnels,
  • Digital courses,
  • Online business,
  • Blog posts,
  • Videos,
  • Podcasts, and
  • Social media posts

All of these content assets can take a significant amount of time.

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Let’s take developing a lead magnet as an example….

  • Why Keyword Research is Significant for Creating a Lead MagnetThe deliverables,
  • The popup form or page you
  • The thank you page,
  • Then the email nurture sequence
  • Images,
  • Copywriting, etc…

What if no one opts for your lead magnet or mailing list?

You could sit on a lead magnet for months without understanding the lack of performance.

Many things can contribute to a lack of performance, the main thing being that it’s not getting in front of your target audience or ideal clients:

  • The interest in your free offer is small to non-existent.
  • The presentation of your lead magnet needs some spit and polish, not to mention some A/B split testing (but that’s a whole other discussion).
  • The landing page for opting into your lead magnet needs some spit and polish.

So before I tell you what this #1 thing is, I want to share a true story that really drives home the point.

So what’s missing in all of these scenarios?

Keyword marketing research!

And guess what?

GOOGLE has got the lowdown on what everybody is searching for worldwide and shares it with everyone.

It’s incredibly useful for marketing and business development.

Why Keyword Research is SignificantGoogle tells you all of it, including:

  • Monthly Search volume for a particular keyword phrase,
  • The competitiveness of the KWP in organic search,
  • The competitiveness of the KWP in paid search, and
  • The CPC businesses and marketers are willing to pay for that particular KWP.

It also shares with you related searches.

What Do 6, 7, & 8-Figure Brands Do for Their Online Success?

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-Discover my Business Awareness Boost

So how can you quickly discover all you need to know about the keyword phrases you need to use in your content marketing assets?

You can hire someone like me that can help you or any company that provides SEO-SEM marketing services.

My service is called the Business Awareness Boost.

Which you can find here.

I will share a link to my introductory package and some solid and authentic testimonials that can get you off to a great start.

This can bring your whole content marketing strategy to another level.

You can continue to waste years of your business trying to guess and throw spaghetti at the walls. This doesn’t instill confidence and remove frustration.

Just sayin’

Keyword marketing research is my #1 step to getting you from online overwhelm to deep-rooted clarity.se about the significance of keyword research and using the vast data that Google compiles worldwide.

Next week is a Master Your Inner Game episode that’s going to be a continuation of this topic.

How can that be? What does keyword marketing research have to do with MYIG?

Ho ho, well… you’re just going to have to tune in and find out!

This topic is my sweet spot, and I’m pretty darn sure there are very few business and marketing teachers that address this significant aspect of your online marketing efforts.

I’ll see you then!

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Helpful Resources, Tools, & Relevant Links

Keyword Marketing Tools I UseNow, there are free ways to get the research information you need to develop your own content marketing strategy.

They are called keyword marketing research tools.

Here are 3 keyword marketing research tools I use:

  1. Ubersuggest is my #1 go-to tool for keyword research and developing an intelligent content marketing strategy. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for beginners and professional online marketers alike.
  2. SEMRush is the tool I started out with way back in 2009. This is for professional online marketers. It could be overkill for beginners.
  3. MOZ is an SEO tool that I use as a secondary tool for website analysis.

If you Google Top 10 Keyword Research Tools, you’ll have plenty of resources to choose from, many I have never even heard of because I’m so thrilled with my Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel.

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