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Almost every week we have an Online Meetup & Business networking event and special presentation. The presentations are recorded and shared here.

Manifesting Money: How Women Manifest Differently Than Men with Dawn Todd

2018-07-19T20:20:08-06:00By |Categories: Building a Business, Online Meetup Recordings|Tags: , , , |

Calling All Feminine Rebels, Rule Breakers and Activators! The time has come for all feminine rebels, paradigm shifters, energy activators and conscious women to get powerful and profitable! I’ll bet you didn’t know that women create and manifest differently than men [...]

Online Marketing Mastermind Week for “Wonder Woman” Brands: July 3rd 2018

2018-07-05T15:33:56-06:00By |Categories: Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing Mastermind Group, Online Meetup Recordings|Tags: |

FAQ's for Marketing & Building a Business This week's online marketing mastermind group covered some great topics! The Mastermind started off with a question to all attendees about what types of business software or phone apps they are finding really helpful to streamline their businesses... Software [...]

How to Stages of a Sales Funnel PART 2 [ VIDEO ]

2018-06-26T20:00:55-06:00By |Categories: Digital Marketing, Online Meetup Recordings|

Sales Funnel Template: Something Simple to Get You Out the Door! Looking for a sales funnel template or the stages of a sales funnel? If so, you're in luck! Today's weekly online Meetup Group for provides the simple steps to take to set up your [...]

Closing the Sale: How Wonder Woman Brands Enroll New Clients without the “Ick” Factor

2018-06-12T16:00:59-06:00By |Categories: Building a Business, Online Meetup Recordings|

3 Masterful Keys to Successful Enrollment Conversations & Closing the Sale Are you terrified of closing the sale and having enrollment conversations? Do you worry that your potential clients will think you are being salesy or pushy? Do you end up leaving money on the table [...]

Internet Marketing Mastermind Group for Wonder Woman Brands June 5 2018

2018-06-08T11:32:00-06:00By |Categories: Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing Mastermind Group, Online Meetup Recordings|Tags: , , , , , , |

Today's Big Mastermind Topic is All Around How to Sell Online Courses This week's internet marketing mastermind group brought up this important topic, as it leverages your expertise to develop and sell online courses Looking to gain some insights into your online marketing efforts? If so take [...]

What is a Sales Funnel? PART 1

2018-05-22T16:51:34-06:00By |Categories: Digital Marketing, Online Meetup Recordings|Tags: , , , , , , , |

What is a Sales Funnel & Why Do They Matter? This is PART 1 in a 2 PART series addressing the question, "What is a Sales Funnel?" In this presentation we start with the basics of "What is a sales funnel". The basics include the understanding [...]

The Power of Brand Archetypes in Personal Branding a Growth Hack in Marketing

2018-05-17T10:58:01-06:00By |Categories: Online Meetup Recordings, Personal Branding|Tags: , , |

What's a Growth Hack in Personal Branding? Do you know your brand archetypes? How about your own personal archetypes? When you understand your own personal archetypes (really the top two are what really matter) and the power inherent in aligning with your own true nature, then [...]

Personal Branding for Solopreneurs: If Your Business is Floundering, It Cound Be a Branding Thing!

2022-09-23T12:29:24-06:00By |Categories: Online Meetup Recordings, Personal Branding|Tags: |

Watch This Personal Branding for Solopreneurs Webinar. It May Save You From Another Year of Floundering! Calling all conscious solopreneurs, business women in leadership roles, and small business owners that are "the face of" your company that want to: • Stand out heads and tails above [...]

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