3 Masterful Keys to Successful Enrollment Conversations & Closing the Sale

Are you terrified of closing the sale and having enrollment conversations?

Do you worry that your potential clients will think you are being salesy or pushy?

Do you end up leaving money on the table because you don’t know how to respond to “I can’t afford it” or “I need to think about it”?

Most coaches and wellness practitioners skip learning about sales and closing the sale. They make a judgment call that sales aren’t for them.

They tell themselves the story that they’d rather get clients who actually want to work with them, not who got ‘pushed’ into working with them.

The reality is, fear is driving this choice. Your ideal clients actually want to work with you. I’ll say it again: Your ideal clients actually want to work with you.

It’s your job to help them make that empowering decision. I teach women coaches and wellness practitioners how to sell with ease.

Listen to this “closing the sale” webinar to discover:

  • How to make sure that every conversation you have builds authentic, friendly connection, and ultimately leads to an enrollment conversation
  • How to tell your story so that your ideal client moves from thinking “oh, that’s nice” to thinking, “OMG, you’re amazing, I love you and I need to hire you!”
  • The 6 essential steps that lead to gaining new clients, and more money in your bank account.

“Closing the Sale” doesn’t have to feel “Icky” anymore when you own your own brilliance and clearly articulate your value driven results to your ideal clients.

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According to consciousness research, it dramatically increases your likelihood of success when you do!

Closing the Sale with Katie Collins

About Our Special Guest Presenter Katie Collins:

Katie Collins is a Sales and Strategy Business Coach who helps women Coaches and Wellness Practitioners overcome their fear of sales and talking about what they do so they can earn the income they pictured when they first got started in their practice.

Her expertise is in sales conversations, niche clarity, packages, pricing and program content.

Katie is gifted with the ability to create a safe, nurturing space for clients to explore their limiting beliefs and transform their fears. She is trained in the Art of Feminine Presence and teaches both the BEING and the DOING aspects for business success.

She is the Founder of Katie Collins Coaching, LLC and Denver FEM Talks, a local networking community for women business owners who want to connect and learn in a fun environment. She has also led a sales team over the past 2 years, selling over $2 million in coaching packages each year.

Her astute guidance and intuitive nature has supported hundreds of clients to make powerful choices and commitments to overcome any resistance that’s keeping them stuck.

Get Katie’s FREE E-Book on 3 Masterful Keys to “Closing the Sale” here.

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