How to Attract High Paying Clients & Leverage Your Time Expertise and Profitability

If you are already attracting a continuous flow of your ideal clients and getting paid what you want…


If not, then let’s unravel why not!

How to Attract High Paying Clients It's in the Brand building Process

The Truth of the Matter!

I’m serious about truth in consciousness and being of the highest integrity for others and myself.

And when I invite you to explore how to attract your [ high paying ] ideal clients, that love and admire and rave about what you do….and pay you what you want, I don’t really want you to feel like this is another hyped up bunch of phony baloney!

I am a student of the science of consciousness and understanding and embracing where truth and real power actually exist (a’la Dr. David Hawkinsand the results of his research that he elucidates in his renowned book Power vs Force).

And when you understand this (where power actually resides in consciousness), you can then align yourself with truth and power and experience everything you (think) you want.

Though let me forewarn you…. once you do align yourself with your true essence, what you think you want (now) changes considerably as you ease your way into truth and grace about all matters including thoughts about yourself and what you really want.

Most of us on the planet are operating from a position of force. That’s why marketing and growing our businesses can seem overwhelming, frustrating and unfulfilling. We’re using what’s called “force” because we don’t know any better.

Force uses way too much of our energy!

When you understand true power, then attracting those high ticket clients that love and adore you and who are willing to pay you what you want for your services will be much easier!

So decide. Do you want to continue to operate inefficiently using force or highly efficiently leveraging yourself with power.

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Here’s some questions we pose to you during this webinar:

What do you think you need to attract high paying clients?

  • Confidence?
  • Expertise?
  • Organization?
  • A large following?
  • Transformational results worth their weight in gold? (it’s all perception)

Have you ever found yourself in need of money to pay for something you really feel is going to help you in a significant way?

The reason I went through this exercise is to demonstrate you don’t want to limit yourself to an audience you think needs what you have to offer. 

We all have our own emotional reasons we invest in high priced products and services.

People always find the resources they need to get what they want, especially if it will help move them in the right direction and away from their current experience in life whatever that may be.

Interesting studies show that there is no limit to what people will pay for transformational results and exceptional, emotionally moving  experiences.

Also, the more someone pays for a thing, the more likely they are to “show up”. Be present and ready and rarin’ to go!

So, do all high paying clients need to be wealthy?

I’d say not necessarily. And those that find the resources to acquire what they want are more committed to getting those results and transformation experiences they seek.

Have you changed your mind about attracting high ticket clients?

Defining your ideal clients happens at the brand building level

What are key things to attracting high paying clients?

I mentioned in the video the significance of Archetypes in branding and the predominant Archetype that is you (especially when it comes to personal branding)! I cover this vital topic in branding and personal branding in another video here.

Other key ingredients to aligning yourself with a successful business is:

Alignment with truth, win-win scenarios

Love your clients!

Align yourself with love.

Every time you are questioning what to do next…ask what would love do? (Love calibrates at 540 on the map of consciousness. It is much more powerful than anything else you are trying to achieve)

Familiarize yourself with truth and power in consciousness!

Align yourself with higher consciousness

Stop hijacking yourself with false beliefs and feelings about yourself. (shame, blame, fear, doubt, desire, anger, resentment, pride, righteousness, perfectionism, etc…) There’s a way to go about that via the “Letting Go” mechanism as outlined in Dr. David Hawkins Book “Letting Go. The Pathway to Surrender”

Ready to Supercharge Your Business with a “Wonder Woman” Brand?

The bottom line if you want a successful business?

Branding your company or personal branding for yourself is powerful and essential for:

  • Business survival.
  • Ability to unlock profitability and realize higher profit margins.
  • Building brand equity. (This Martha Stewart)
  • Differentiating yourself in compelling and authentic ways in your field of expertise.

How Impactful Personal Brands Atrract Premium Clients

Personal Branding helps you:

Get clear about who you are, what you stand for and what transformational results you deliver your ideal clients and clearly stand in truth about that every where you show up. It then continues to guide you so that you are sure to clearly communicate that in everything you do including:

  • Messaging
  • Images
  • Logo-identity
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Your style and fashion, etc….

Aligning your brand and intentions with love is significant. Love calibrates at 500 – 540 on the Map of Consciousness.

Oprah's Live YOur Best Life WeekendLet’s talk about powerful programs and brands…our example today is The Oprah Winfrey Show. Why do you think this show was so powerful? And Oprah is one of the wealthiest women in the world?

What kind of results does she deliver?

Who are her high ticket paying clients?

Now you don’t have to be Oprah to align with the power that she, probably inadvertently aligned with because that’s who she already was and didn’t need to question it, she just went with it.

Oprah’s TV Show calibrated at 504 on the Map of Consciousness. Her show was aligned with love and truth.

When you align with truth and power in consciousness, the world can be your oyster!

I hope you find today’s webinar enlightening!

Share your comments below.

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