Earn 9x When You Apply SMART Goal Setting to Your Discipline!

Are you one of the 80% of people that don’t set goals for yourself? Or maybe you do, but you don’t write them down, or if you do write them down, how often do you review and revise them?

If any of these sound like you, then you will want to listen in to our goal setting webinar above if you hope to be in a very different experience 1-3-5-10 years from now!?!

Join The Athena Arena  founder and Personal Brand Builder & Truth Aligner,  Liz Gracia for a lively and informative conversation where you will learn what you need to know about how to set goals.

You will walk away with key understandings as to the importance of goal setting in building your business, and experiencing all that you hope to in life sooner than (wishfully) later!

So Why Is Goal Setting So Significant?

  • People that write down their goals earn 9 times more over their life time than those that don’t.
  • 80% of people say they don’t even have goals.
  • 16% of people have goals but they don’t write them down.
  • 4% of people DO write down their goals, and only
  • 1% of people review their goals on a regular basis.

This data is based on research done by Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech as shared in the book: 5 Where will you be 5 years from today?

If your experience is that you are not successful and are not having a life you have hoped for, then it may be time to take a good close look at how you can turn this around.

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SMART Goal Setting Workshop -Key Goal Setting Tips and Statistics

Maybe your 1st goal is to decide you will be one of the 4% of people that DO write down their goals!?!

If you want to go a step further then maybe it makes sense to commit to reviewing those goals of yours on a regular basis for the rest of your life!?!

If you aren’t clear about how to set goals for  your business and have never heard the stats on goal setting, then this presentation is just what the doctor ordered!

How to Set Goals, Some Key Steps:

There’s an acronym for goal setting called S.M.A.R.T.. It stands for these 5 steps in goal setting:

  • Specific: Your goal should be as specific as you can make it.
  • Measurable: Make sure that goal is measurable in some way.
  • Attainable: Is the goal you have set something you are sure is attainable with your current skill set? Or will it require some interim steps you may have never taken before to get there?
  • Relevant: If you have some steps to take to realize a bigger goal, are those interim stems relevant and focused on the over arching vision or goal? Don’t get distracted with goals that are not relevant to the ultimate goal.
  • Time bound: You need to put a time frame around every goal. Otherwise you will not have incentive to actually attain that goal if it’s too far out or not time bound. If you put a goal that’s way out there, like a year or more, then it makes sense to place other monthly goals in front of that so you can get there.

Other smart goal setting steps you can take are to define:

  • Vision: What do you want? What is the overall vision you hope to realize?
  • Value: Why does the vision or goal matter? What do you value about it?
  • Methods: What steps will you take or methods will you employ to reach your goal?
  • Obstacles: What’s in the way of reaching your goals? How can you work around them or dissolve them or have a different perspective on them?

Brand Building…Goal Setting? Same Intentional Discipline!

If you are serious about growing a business, then sooner or later you may need to put a stake in the ground and go through the highly conscious exercise in developing your personal or business brand.

Find out more about my Brand Builder BootCamps here.

Other proven methods for setting goals effectively include:

  • Accountability: Recruit a supportive friend, mentor, co-worker or family member you can hold yourself accountable to. Most of us feel the pressure to perform well and when we ask someone to hold us accountable, it shows integrity for you to NOT waste their time and actually have them be of service to you (by you feeling responsible to reach your goals).
  • Commitment: Being committed to attaining goals would include writing down your goals and reviewing them on a regular basis with your accountability buddy. That’s COMMITMENT!
  • Compare the Plan to Actual Results: If your goal was time bound, then you should check in at that set time to see where you are at. Did you reach your goal?
  • Corrective Action: If you didn’t reach your goal, what corrective action can you take to attain that goal? Then what is your new time frame for attaining that goal? This is a good place for an accountability buddy to share their perspective and ideas for improvement and success.
  • REWARDS: Rewarding yourself for reaching a goal really matters! What reward, no matter how big or how small can you give yourself? THis is really key in effective goal setting. Reward yourself every time!

In the video I promised a comprehensive Goal Setting Work Sheet:

In the video I also mention Personal Branding as a significant “Goal Setting” exercise for any business whether your are a large or small company or even a Solopreneur. To find out more about personal branding or branding in general, you can check out these resources here:

In this short presentation you will have a greater understanding of  the importance of developing solid goal setting habits and follow through in order to consistently create results and beautiful, purposeful and meaningful experiences in your life.

SMART Goal Setting and the Importance of Goal Setting Tips
Liz Gracia Fonaunder of The Athena Are

This is just  one of “The [ many ] Foundational Basics for Your  Success” and where you may need to “Shore up” your goal setting efforts for long term success and the type of professional support  you may need to consider to do so.

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