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Brand Building…Goal Setting? Same Intentional Discipline!

If you are serious about growing a business, then sooner or later you may need to put a stake in the ground and go through the highly conscious exercise in developing your personal or business brand.

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The Athena Arena Presents:

The Athena Arena Online Meetup Group, aka The High Vibe Tribe and in collaboration with was created to bring together conscious solopreneurs, women entrepreneurs, women in leadership and small business owners from all over the world to connect, collaborate, grow your referral base and to support and learn from each other and from our weekly presentation experts. Every week you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and all that you do.

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Get inspire at The Athena Arena Weekly Online Meetup Groups

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TIME: 8 AM PT, 9 AM MT, 10 AM CT, 11 AM ET
Join URL:
Meeting ID: 240-872-7899

Here’s Our Lineup of Monthly Online Meetup Events:

1st Tuesday of Every Month

Online Marketing Mastermind Group

Online Marketing Mastermind Week!

On the 1st Tuesday of every month it’s your opportunity to be a part of our monthly Mastermind group. You are welcome to bring any questions you may have about developing an online marketing strategy, branding, business growth hacks…whatever you want answers to or feedback for, bring it on!

This is also an opportunity for you to share your own wisdom and insights into marketing and business practices that have helped move you along in a big way.

Join us!

2nd Tuesday of Every Month

Special Guest Business Presenter

It’s Guest Business Presenter Week!

Every month we bring in special guests that have excellent insights and wisdom to share with you to help you grow some aspect of your business.

In the absence of a Special Guest Presenter, Liz Gracia, Founder & Director of Marketing for The Mind Body Spirit Network and will bring you the most pressing topics and best practices in web design,  digital marketing and personal branding for small businesses and service based solopreneurs today!

Join us!

3rd Tuesday of Every Month

The Athena Arena Lighthouse Presentation presented by one of our "Athenas"

It’s Lighthouse Presenter Week!

Every month we bring in one of our Athena Arena personal branding graduates or MBSN premier members, also known as a member of the “High Vibe Tribe” and have them present their special gifts and talents to the group.

Many of these Lighthouse Presentations will focus on mind body spirit health and well being and personal development and growth. Our members are experts in their fields and are therefore a “lighthouse” onto us!

This is also an excellent opportunity for our “Athenas” to practice presenting online in front of a group and making offers. Please come support “Wonder Woman” brands….and

Join us!

4th Tuesday of Every Month

Digital Marketing Webinars

It’s Digital Marketing Week!

Every month Liz Gracia, Founder & Director of Marketing for The Mind Body Spirit Network and will bring you the most pressing topics and best practices in web design,  digital marketing and personal branding for small businesses and service based solopreneurs today!

These are HOT ones! So come let me help you off load a little “online overwhelm”…and make it simpler for you.

Join us!

Here’s What to Expect:

Liz Gracia, Personal Brand Strategist & Online Marketing Expert at The Athena Arena

During This Weekly Online MeetUp and Business Networking Group, You’ll:

  • Learn how to get found, generate leads, expand your brand awareness and grow your business online from select “Featured” marketing and business experts. (Every week we’ll have guest presenters with value-driven content to help you grow!)
  • Meet one of our Premier TMBSN Members or “Athena” Arena Graduates (1x month) as they present their unique expertise in the realm of mind body spirit, health and wellbeing or business. This is known as our Monthly Lighthouse Presentation from the “High Vibe Tribe”
  • Network & collaborate with other conscious,  like minded business owners and share your business with the group. (Have your 40-60 sec “elevator speech” ready to go!)
  • Participate in mini-MasterMinds to get answers to your questions and provide answers for others. (Every week we’ll let 2-4 individuals ask business related questions, for the group to answer for you).
  • Get the help you need to succeed!
  • Get comfortable with video conferencing, networking online, speaking in front of a group and interacting on one of the web’s fastest growing meeting platforms Zoom!. (Zoom is powerful & fun! See what it could do for your business…)
  • STAY POSITIVE! If you are a solopreneur, and working alone alot, it’s nice to get a weekly BOOST of inspiration, love, support and insights.

Here’s Our Upcoming Event Topics

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