Episode #2: What Does It Mean to Master Your Inner Game?

Welcome to episode #2 of The Athena Arena Podcast – The Digital Marketing Podcast & Content Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure (what I call) Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game.

And for all you brilliant and talented men out there…don’t let the “Wonder Woman Brands” thing throw you! This is as much for men as it is for women.

In this episode, I introduce you to:

  • The notion of “Mastering Your Inner Game”.
  • Answering the question, “what is your inner game?”, and
  • What is your inner game or higher self trying to tell you?

Additionally, I will share my story of how I came to teach this topic and how I am (loosely) qualified to help you transcend your self-imposed limitations and let go of the blocks in your way.

Liz Gracia Founder of The Athena Arena and Digital Marketing Podcast Host

Hey there!

Welcome to Episode #2 of The Athena Arena PodcastThe Content & Digital Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game

And for all you brilliant and talented men out there…don’t let the “Wonder Woman Brands” thing throw you! This is as much for men as it is for women.

(I’ll have more about the whole Athena Arena and “Wonder Woman Brand” thing in an upcoming episode )

Last week I promised I’d dive a little deeper into how this podcast is intended to assist you with Mastering Your Inner Game….

another way you could look at it is by Mastering Your Mindset…

but as we move along, you’ll understand why the “Inner Game” is really where the power to transform or significantly re-engineer your life can happen

What does this mean?

How can you move into Mastery regarding your life, business, and mindset?

Today I will tell you what this will look like as this podcast evolves.

But before I do,

My name is Liz Gracia. I am your Happy, Insightful, and Perceptive host of AARadio.com.

As promised in episode 1, this podcast is more than just “how to” digital marketing tips and strategies.

All the digital marketing “doing” in the world (or “doing” in general) is of no use if you keep spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in some areas of your life.

And when you realize you’ve “done” all that you can to no avail, then it’s time to take a closer look…

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How to Master Your Inner Game-Let your journey start hereWhat’s going on inside of you that is blocking your intent?

What types of suppressed and repressed emotions are bottle-necking your powerful conscious intent to create what you want for your life? And why are they significant?

Don’t worry; we’re not going into deep psychoanalysis, though you could…I will share my experience in Mastering My Inner Game and some proven and powerful techniques for going about it relatively easily.

Though, I’ve got to forewarn you that the relative ease will have to come with courage and willingness to accept the truth about your humanity and way of being, as well as forgiving yourself for not knowing any better.

But before I go any deeper into discussing mastering your inner game, how is it that I am qualified to help you?

Let me share a little about my journey into mastering my inner game and unraveling the lower consciousness, suppressed and repressed emotions, and limiting beliefs running in my energy field.

I also want to share stories about the “energy fields” that attracted (what I can only describe as) God-intoxicated ecstasy into my life and the complete opposite of this: horrifically traumatic encounters of darkness beyond description. Not of this world.

Now stick with me!

This may sound a bit out there or too woo-woo for some of you, but I assure you I will keep it real and enlightening.

I will give you the “Cliff Notes” version of this story today, which you can get more of in my other podcast Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness, where I share many examples of encounters with higher and lower levels of consciousness.

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I found myself in the presence of Amazing GraceSo, here’s the scoop:

In 2003 I had what could only be described as a Quantum Sprititual Awakening. I essentially aligned with or awakened into very high states of consciousness where I encountered the experience of God-intoxicated ecstasy. Which on the Map of Consciousness® (which you will learn more about in my episodes on Masterhttps://www.themindbodyspiritnetwork.com/what-is-a-quantum-spiritual-awakening-a-true-story/ing Your Inner Game) calibrates above 600 or 10 to the 600th power.

These are levels experienced by very few in this world.

Jesus, the Buddha, and in modern times Dr. David R. Hawkins calibrated at 1000 or 10 to the 1000th power on the Map. Let’s put this into context…only about 15% of the planet calibrates above 200 on the Map..

This is not to toot my own horn, but I knew it was rare and what I can only describe as “Amazing Grace” to have encountered these frequencies and be “gifted” with this presence on more than 24 occasions for extended periods, like 2-4 weeks, not just a fleeting moment.

When you align with higher levels of consciousness above 500 on the map, I like to say, “You are NOT in Kansas anymore!”

From giant swings in consciousness to balance-1On the downside of a quantum spiritual awakening were confrontations with the opposite or extreme darkness. (If you are a spiritual aspirant, you may have heard of this energetic pendulum effect.)

To put darkness into context, Hitler calibrated at 40 on the Map. The energies I encountered calibrated at -285 (negative 285) on the map. (I had them calibrated for me so I could understand what I was experiencing)

The high side of my experience calibrated at above 700, which is the land of the mystic like Mother Teresa and Gandhi, as an example.

So…to sum it up, I was drawn to the science of consciousness and the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins. He’s an esteemed psychiatrist, clinician, and pioneering researcher in the science of consciousness as well as a world-renowned spiritual leader and teacher of the pathway to enlightenment. He is essentially a modern-day Buddha and Christ.


That’s a mouthful, I know.

The bottom line is that I desperately needed to know and understand how I attracted what I did.

This led me from huge swings in consciousness to Mastering My Inner Game and returning to balance.

I have always been a keen observer of my behavior, which I’ve come to understand as witness consciousness at some level. I am also a keen observer of the behavior of others.

I have studied advanced spiritual texts and the science of consciousness for over 10 years…

I am also a teacher of consciousness in my other podcast YWDOHC.com You can dive deeper over there.

So how does the help you?

In this podcast, I will slowly but surely introduce you to the MOC and how to align with higher energy attractor fields and use it to your advantage in many situations.

So that’s the quickie “story behind the story” of how I can assist you in transcending low stuff that doesn’t serve you.

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So, What Does the Inner Game Mean?

So, What Does the Inner Game Mean-1What is it?

The inner game is what’s going on within you on many levels.

What drives you to do what you do, feel how you feel, and behave the way you behave?

It’s also all of your life experiences, skillset, inherent gifts, and intelligence (of which there are many). It could also be known as your inner genius and your inherent shadow side or sabotaging self and victimhood.

You’re a mixed bag of it all. It’s also known as your consciousness.

You arExample of an inner game needing conscious attentione known as an “attractor field” of consciousness of all you are. You have a predominant and measurable level of consciousness.

What Does Mastering Your Inner Game Mean?

It means learning how to let go of the blocks keeping you from meeting your goals and intentions for your life, your business, your career, relationships, financial health, whatever.

Every topic you can think of, and let’s stick to the ones that interest you most right now, has a measurable level of consciousness. For example, there’s an energy you are emitting on the topic of money.

And you can tell, without a consciousness calibration, where you are on any subject by looking honestly at your situation as it relates to your topic of interest.

How is it manifesting in your life? Is it what you want or not?

To Master, Your Inner Game means to bring these things into your awareness and be willing to look at them, accept them, forgive yourself for not knowing any better (because you are likely going to learn something pioneering and new during our time together), and then taking action to remove the blocks from all that you intend for your life.

During the evolution of this podcast, you will come to an understanding of where true power exists in consciousness and how to “finesse the fields,” so to speak, to come into being whom you aspire to be in this world.

What Does Your Inner Game Try to Tell You?

What Is Your Inner Game Telling YouIt’s telling you what’s happening within you by observing what comes into your experience.

I have an example…

I know some very bright and gifted people, but their homes and cars are messy! You don’t want to be in either of them because it’s so uncomfortable and uninviting.

These are examples of situations of the inner game expressing itself out in the world…

Let me tell you, it takes courage, willingness, and acceptance to even look at this and accept that it is a reflection and not just a manifestation of one who is too busy or tired. Though overly tired indicates some lower level of consciousness keeping you from the energy you intend to thrive.

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How do you not only win the inner game but master it?

Like the toroise and the hare slow but staedy wins the raceWell. This is what this segment of the TheAthenaArena podcast is intended to do.

It’s not going to happen overnight because there’s some integration and realignment that will occur while you listen.

It’s like the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race.

I was NOT slow and steady! It was a quantum leap. I don’t recommend it. I suspect that’s why I am here to teach and share an easier way.

One thing I do understand about all of us.

You hold the vibration of transcendence whenever you overcome significant obstacles for all of us. Your transcendence of any hardship gets added to the field of consciousness and lifts the ocean for everyone.

I know I went through something of spiritual significance in this world, and it’s not because I think I’m special. I think it’s because I am, in this lifetime, equipped with significant power and courage to face and overcome what I have…which, again, is not of this world.

This is how I know I am qualified to assist you on whatever level you are ready to tackle and let go of.

What can you expect when you start to Master Your Inner Game?

You begin to cultivate freedom & inner peaceYou will step into freedom. This energetic freedom is where you don’t have to be right or prove others wrong and can lovingly accept others’ opinions without resisting them. You effortlessly allow them.

Resistance to anything will be greatly diminished.

You will be fine with what is. If what you intended comes to be, that’s great. I fit doesn’t that’s OK too as you understand you are coming into better alignment with what you want.

People will be drawn to you, and you will see the difference.

People will experience a sense of peace when you come into their presence. I have a recent example of this…

People that may have irritated you in the past will no longer bother you, and if you are really making headway, you’ll feel loving appreciation and acceptance of them. I have a recent example of this…

I even have an example of people I don’t even know coming up to thank me and tell me they love me!?!

I have little to no fear about many things.

I rarely stress about anything!

I am not afraid to die and am overcoming concerns about my pets dying or meeting an untimely death.

This type of thing ripples out into all areas of your life, whether you are aware of it or not.

So let me qualify all of this by saying I am likely somewhat unusual in my experiencing and witnessing of these significant shifts. And the reason for this is that I have been a lone ranger for a long time!

I don’t interact with many people daily, which is a very high contrast from my earlier life as a restaurant owner and retail shop owner in Boston, where I would encounter hundreds of people daily.

Your shifts may not be as noticeable as mine, but they certainly can be.

So that’s it for today’s episode #2 describing what to expect as I share how to Master Your Inner Game

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to answer or address in this podcast please go to TAA.com/questions/ where you can leave me a comment, which I will address one way or another.

Thank you for joining me on your journey to build the business and life you wholeheartedly intend for yourself.

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