Episode #4: We’ve All Been Dealt a Hand in This Lifetime…Do You Know What Your Strong Suit Is & Is the Clifton Strengths Test Reliable?

Today I’m going to put the Clifton Strengths Assessment Test into context! Is it worthwhile? Can you rely on it? And what about some of those popular personality tests and assessments like the Enneagram, your Astrology report, and the Akashic Records?

Welcome to episode five of The Athena Arena Podcast – The Digital Marketing Podcast & Content Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure (what I call) Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game.

And for all you brilliant and talented men out there…don’t let the “Wonder Woman Brands” thing throw you! This is as much for men as it is for women.

(I have more about the whole Athena Arena and Wonder Woman Brand thing here )

Hey there!

Liz Gracia Founder of The Athena Arena and Digital Marketing Podcast Host

We’ve all been dealt a unique hand in this life.

Do you know your strong suit?

Have you ever had it validated by a Clifton Strengths Test, personality, or skills assessment?

If so, how do you know whether it’s trustworthy?

Well, today I’m going to introduce you to the Clifton Strengths test and why, for only around $20 bucks, it is a trustworthy assessment of your top 5 skills.

I will also share my assessment as an example of what you can expect and why it’s so significant.

Additionally, I will put the Clifton Strengths text into context, based on consciousness research, next to other popular assessments like your astrology (*300k+), enneagram, or Akashic records (*50K+).

(*These numbers represent the number of Google searches per month in the US on these topics)

That’s today’s topic for Mastering Your Inner Game

But before I get into today’s topic about the reliability of the Clifton Strengths Test and other popular personality and career direction assessments…

My name is Liz Gracia. I am your Happy, Insightful, and Perceptive host of AthenaArenaRadio.com.

Welcome to episode 4 of The Athena Arena Podcast – The Content & Digital Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure (what I call) Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game…and all you brilliant men out there…don’t be fooled by the whole “wonder woman” thing…this is meant for you too!

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What is The Clifton Strengths Test?If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably always been interested in better understanding yourself.

Many of us seek to know our life purpose.

If you’re spiritually oriented, you may be more interested in your soul purpose or your higher calling. And as an SEO expert, I always like to see how many people are interested in topics I intend to discuss, so…

There are over 20K Google searches monthly on these topics. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What did we come here to experience, and who did we come here to be?

According to consciousness research, many reliable ways to discover answers to these life-long questions exist.

Today, I want to share my experience with the Clifton Strengths test, which was recommended to me about 18 months ago.

It was significant because I could finally accept my greatest strengths and stop floundering and guessing where to put my attention.

I could finally forge a more authentic path by applying the most significant strengths I came here to use and express and stop wasting my time being someone I’m not.

Let’s Put It Into Context with the Enneagram- a popular career assessment test(Which may be pointing to the shadow side of our karmic inheritance)

Before I share my results, I want to give you some reliable sources to consider and put the Clifton Strengths test, which could also be considered a career assessment or career aptitude test, into context next to other popular personality typing assessments.

In this part of The Athena Arena podcast, I like to select topics that help you Master Your Inner Game.

This one is very helpful and can provide a general blueprint or guide in selecting a career or an entrepreneurial path.

I know I’ve got allotta entrepreneurs and solopreneurs listening in right now.

This pertains to you as well.

So I am a teacher and student of consciousness research and the advanced spiritual teachings of DR. David R. Hawkins. He spent a lifetime in consciousness research and develop what’s famously known as the Map of Consciousness®.

Now don’t get caught up in using the term “spiritual” if you’re not into it. That’s OK. Everything is spiritual, whether you are aware of it or not.

And What About Your Akashic RecordsSo the Map of Consciousness®. is simply measuring the energy of anything. Everything that ever was or is can be calculated as to its level of consciousness (LOC). A LOC is simply an energy field.

Anything over 200 on the Map is positive aspect-oriented, uplifting, and holds a certain level of truth and power. Anything below 200 has no truth.

I cover this important topic in my other podcast, Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness. I don’t have time to go into all of this today. In my show notes, I’ll link the two episodes covering higher and lower levels of consciousness.

So for today’s topic, I want to put the Clifton Strengths test into context with other popular career aptitude tools.

I am sharing the consciousness calibrations of:

And if you’re not familiar with the enneagram or the Akashic records, you can look them up online.

All of them hold a level of truth in consciousness. Some hold significantly more truth than others.

An interesting thing to consider is that the energy of “worldly success” calibrates around 375.

So, following any of these as a general outline for your life is powerful.

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What is The Clifton Strengths Test?

So what is the Clifton Strengths test, also known as the Gallup Strengths Assessment?

The Gallup Clifton Strengths Test is a common name for the psychometric instrument CliftonStrengths, formerly called StrengthsFinder, developed by the Gallup Institute, which forms the bulk of its revenue. The test was invented by Don Clifton and is known also as the Gallup Strengths Assessment or Clifton Strengths Test.

It is an online personality-assessment tool that focuses on 34 themes that make up the user’s personality; Gallup uses the tool as part of its consulting.[4][5]

The test is widely used when assessing candidates or considering employees for internal promotions.[6]

The 34 Clifton Strengths Career Assessment Themes are Divided into 4 Categories:

  1. Strategic thinking: Analytical, Context, Futuristic, Ideation, Input, Intellection, Learner, Strategic;
  2. Relationship building: Adaptability, Connectedness, Developer, Empathy, Harmony, Includer, Individualization, Positivity, Relator;
  3. Influencing: Activator, Command, Communication, Competition, Maximizer, Self-assurance, Significance, Woo;
  4. Executing: Achiever, Arranger, Belief, Consistency, Deliberative, Discipline, Focus, Responsibility, Restorative.[7]

So here’s Gallup’s little spiel about the Clifton Strengths Assessment Test:

Stop Wondering What You’re Good at. Start Knowing Why with Gallup Assessments. Get Started. Millions of People Use the Clifton Strengths Assessment to Enrich Their Careers and Lives. Unlock Your Potential. 50+ Years of Research. Used By 20 Million People.


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Helpful Resources, Tools, & Relevant Links

Here are some other resources I promised you:

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