Is Your Business a Roller Coaster Rides of Ups & Downs? It Could Be a (Personal) Branding Thing!

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Is your business a roller coaster ride of ups and downs?
Are your clients a mixed bag of great ones and life draining, unprofitable ones?
Are your marketing efforts ineffective, inconsistent and a mish mash of messages you just throw out there? (Because your so overwhelmed as it is!)
How about your company visuals? is it more like a clown show than anything else?
Wouldn’t it be nice to hop off the roller coaster ride and set sail into calm smooth waters?
This my friend is an alignment issue and is commonly known as a BRANDING THING!
And if you are a solopreneur or small business owner where you are the proverbial “Face of” your brand, then it’s a PERSONAL BRANDING THING!
Wouldn’t it be nice if your personal brand OR company brand could do all the heavy (marketing) lifting?
Well, it can!
The thing is though, Personal Branding is an exercise in higher consciousness. (Which is probably why most people don’t do it!)
You’ve got to step into courage and intentional discipline to go through each step of the personal branding efforts for the “smooth sailing” to align.
A Year From Now Where Are You Going to Be? Still without personal branding?
So if you:
  • Care about your business,
  • Are ready to thrive as opposed to just survive,
  • Can do without the stress of inconsistent cash flow,
  • Are ready to stop struggling to always line up the next new client,
  • Care to greatly improve your VISIBILITY, NOTICEABLITY & REFERRABILITY and
  • Are ready to “SuperCharge Your Business with a Wonder Woman Brand”
Please join us in this Enlightening Personal Branding Webinar
Personal Brand marketing and self marketing …it isn’t just for BIG companies anymore! Solopreneurs and small service based companies are now “getting” the importance of brand marketing and developing a  personal brand.
Join The Athena Arena  founder, Personal Brand Strategist and Certified Digital Marketing Expert Liz Gracia for a lively and informative conversation where you will learn what you need to know about the “vibrational” importance of brand marketing  and developing your personal brand and alignment.
You will walk away with key understandings as to the depth you may need to dive to get really clear about you, your company, your ideal clients and how you show up in your communications every where it matters (your website, social media accounts, printed materials, live presentations, etc…)


Tuesday October 23rd, 2018
Time: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET
Zoom Meeting Link:

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In this short presentation you will have a greater understanding of  (Personal ) BRANDING,  one of “The [ many ] Foundational Basics for Your Online Success” and where you may need to “Shore up” your personal brand marketing efforts for long term success and the type of professional support  you may need to consider to do so.



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