I was invited to make a guest appearance on Money and You with Financial Planning Expert Michelle Perkins of San Diego, CA. The topic for this episode is: Discover the Energy of Money: Where True Power, True Joy, and Wealth Really Exist with Liz Gracia, Founder of TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com and TheAthenaArena.com.

Have you considered how consciousness impacts your money and your life? What is consciousness? Liz Gracia gets to the heart of the matter so you can attract more of what you want by being in an energy of well-being and wealth vs. an energy of money scarcity or poverty.

We are creators of our life; learn how to create your future in new ways. Get out of your head and into your consciousness. Liz Gracia, serial entrepreneur, student, and teacher of consciousness will guide you.

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I Invite You to Discover  Simple Ways to Develop a Money-Consciousness Mindset

In today’s fast-paced world, it often feels like money is in short supply. But by cultivating the right attitude about money, you can develop a more conscious relationship with how you use and manage your finances. This guide will give you practical tips for becoming more mindful of your spending habits and financial goals.

The Energy of Money… Is it High Vibe & Helpful or the Root of All Evil?

Understand the Energy of Money. It’s Measurable!

Guest on Money and You- The Energy of Money is Measurable!The energy of money isn’t something to dismiss; it’s a powerful and influential means for exchange and creativity that deserves your respect. Remember, according to consciousness research, that money is a measurable, impersonal energy field in consciousness.

The thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions you send out or hold within your consciousness can and will be affected. When you focus on the positive aspects of money, like abundance, creativity, generosity, freedom, and prosperity, those qualities are amplified in your life.

On the other hand, negative perceptions about money create additional blockages in acquiring and maintaining it. And suppose you have trapped emotions that have been repressed and suppressed since childhood. In that case, this, along with inherited beliefs about money, can affect your ability to maintain a healthy money mindset and align with money’s naturally positive and constructive energy.

Money consciousness is more than just a state of mind – it’s the energy that flows through your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Having a healthy, energetic relationship with money involves understanding that it is a powerful energy that can create abundance, joy, and flow in your life.
Additionally, exploring the energy of money will help you recognize when old beliefs and habits may be blocking your access to balance in your finances.

Understanding the profound impact of such blockages will help you find ways to move past them – whether through changing perspective or working with professional guidance.

Developing a positive attitude towards money requires ongoing effort and an open heart.

What is the Enery of Money?

Is It the Root of All Evil?

Let me put the energy of money and "worldly success" into context

Embrace a New Mindset About Money

Do you have a healthy money mindsetOne of the most important steps you can take to become more mindfully aware and conscious is to change your mindset toward money. Let go of the long-held belief held in mass consciousness that money is the root of all evil! Take on an abundance mindset by embracing the idea that money will always be available for you to use responsibly when needed.

Consciousness research has calibrated the level of consciousness of money, or the impersonal attractor field or energy of money, to be 205 on the Map of Consciousness®.

Anything that calibrates above 200 on the Map is powerful, constructive, positively oriented, and uplifting.

Anything that calibrates below 200 is negatively oriented, destructive, and downward pulling.

A new perspective of money consciousness starts with the understanding that money is a good thing and can be used to change lives positively. As mentioned in the podcast having money is good, and money is a powerful energy source for all of us, NOT the root of all evil. Any negative perceptions you have about money are a misperception in reality.

Start by being thankful for the abundance of resources and wealth available to you, claiming your power to create more, and by committing yourself to create wealth responsibly and sharing your abundance.

With the right attitude, making wise, conscious decisions with your money will become simpler and more manageable. Remember that embracing an abundance mindset is key to setting yourself up for success—so get ready to make more money this year!

Ready to take a closer look at your relationship with money? Take the Money Quiz here.

Be Honest with Yourself. Are You Harboring Poverty Consciousness?

Are You harboring poverty consciousness?To help make a real difference in your money mindset, start by being honest with yourself.

Do you have negative beliefs about money driving your behaviors and decisions? Dig deep. They could be hidden. They could also be inherited from your parents and ancestors. The vibration of lack could be inherited in your DNA!?!

But it’s NOT a life sentence. And it’s not an invitation to judge and resent your inheritance. You need to bring the truth of the matter into awareness so you can change it.

Are your thoughts around scarcity and lack rather than abundance and potential? If so, then it’s essential to be mindful of these blocks in order to shift the energy of the situation in a more positive direction.

Accept the reality that limiting beliefs can quickly become fixed. Take steps to uncover the truth and dispel these thoughts from your life.

What is the Enery of Money?

Is It the Root of All Evil?

Let me put the energy of money and "worldly success" into context

Is a Scarcity Mindset Subconsciously Running Your Life?

Is a Scarcity Mindset Subconsciously Running Your Life?A scarcity mindset is when someone assumes there will never be enough (of whatever–money, love, etc), and that, therefor, anything available must be treasured as if it were a limited resource.

Think about situations where you’ve felt certain material things would “make” you happy – or make you worthy of something else.

Do you often experience feelings of anxiety when it comes to money?

Could a scarcity mindset unconsciously drive your decisions? To combat this limiting thought pattern, start by questioning the thoughts that come to mind and reframe them into affirmations of abundance and possibility.

The truth is that there’s enough of whatever you want or need in life. The problem lies in whether your mindset says so.

To practice money consciousness, start by understanding the power of your thoughts and perspectives by monitoring which ones are serving you versus those holding you back from abundant thinking. Then, use meditation, visualization, affirmations (as mentioned in the video and podcast) and mantras to help foster a strong sense of abundance instead of fear or lack.

How Can You Align with an Abundant Money Mindset?

What do you choose Abundance or Scarcity-1You can use a few strategies to align yourself with an abundant money mindset.

First, begin by identifying your values and how money plays an essential role in your life. What does having more money mean to you? Use this understanding as motivation to shift out of a scarcity mentality.
Additionally, be aware of media messages that can drive money-focused fear and create small shifts towards an attitude of abundance – accept help from generous friends or family, thank God for providing for all of your needs, or commit random acts of kindness using the scarce resources you currently have. It will become easier to start thinking about opportunities waiting around the corner that can bring even more abundance into your life.
As the Founder of The Mind Body Spirit Network, I have cultivated and practiced powerful energy healing techniques for removing emotional blocks and beliefs that hinder the flow of many things in your life.
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What is the Enery of Money?

Is It the Root of All Evil?

Let me put the energy of money and "worldly success" into context