How to Bring Your “Wonder Woman” Brand to Life with Visual Branding

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You’ve finally gotten a handle on your branding. You’ve figured out who exactly you are, what makes you special, and what you stand for, which is a huge accomplishment! Loads of people start businesses and never even figure this out, so you’re way ahead of the curve.

Here’s the thing though – what exactly do you do with all of this information that you’ve gathered and clarified? How do you get it out there? How do you communicate all of this to people who might hire you? Certainly you can talk to people, but what about the thousands of folks you can’t meet in person?

How do you communicate to the world who you are and what you stand for when you can’t meet ever prospective client in person? Visual Branding is how!

Find out what visual branding is and how it can help you communicate to the world just how fabulous you, what you do, and why people should hire you.

Join Kimi Mischke, owner and designer of Brave & Co design for a short presentation, in which she’ll share with you what exactly Visual Branding is, what it includes along with the ins and outs of the different visual choices you can make and what they’ll say about you.

Here’s the Deets:

Tuesday July 24th, 2018
Time: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET
Zoom Meeting Link:

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About Our Guest Presenter & Visual Branding Designer, Kimi Mischke

Visual Branding Designer Kimi MischkeBrave & Co Design owner/designer Kimi Mischke loves creating simple, vibrant designs that tell stories, move audiences and help build brilliant brands. She specializes in logos and brand identity design for small businesses that are doing good work for people and the planet. Over the course of her 13+ year career, she’s developed a clean and colorful design style that utilizes exceptional typography and simple, modern imagery to communicate client messages clearly and effectively. She’s worked with all sorts of clients, from construction firms to cafés, bike shops to non-prof stand out in the sea of sameness with brave and honest visual branding!




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