Holistic Marketing for Mindful Personal Brands

Interested in online marketing? Do you love to be a part of an online marketing mastermind group for conscious entrepreneurs and small business owners?

Then you’re in the right place!

Every month, on the 1st Tuesday of every month we host an Online Marketing Mastermind Group via Zoom. The Online Meetup and Business Networking group is FREE to join and attend as often as you like.

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This month’s Mastermind group brought up some interesting topics, including:

  • How to stay motivated working from home and not get distracted by kids, dogs, dishes, household chores, etc…. and
  • How to create Facebook ads and build Facebook custom audiences.
  • How much do you need to spend to get traction and visibility in the marketplace? There are two very different experiences on this topic in this Mastermind conversation.

Did you receive answers to some of your business building questions? Do you have other’s you would like answers to? If so, you can join our Private Facebook Group or share your comment and or experiences in the comments below.

Unleash Your Business's Unique Appeal: Discover 7 Creative and Compelling Customer Attractors

Remember... it's a "Power Play" in consciousness to differentiate your business, products, services and brands from the "competition".

According to consciousness research, it dramatically increases your likelihood of success when you do!

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