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The Top 10 Online Marketing Checklist for Wonder Woman Brands

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Liz Gracia Fonaunder of The Athena Are

Dear "Athena" in the [ Fill in Your Brilliance Here ]  Arena,

Thank you for entrusting me with (what I call) the "Foundational Basics for Your Online Success"!

My name is Liz Gracia and I am "The Athena" in the digital marketing and brand building "Arena".

I have been empowering small business owners and solopreneurs with their web design, digital marketing and brand building initiatives since 2009.

I've discovered a thing or two because I've been open to learning and experimenting to see what works in marketing and business and what doesn't for close to 30 years.

I have been a serial entrepreneur-ess my whole life!

Here's just two of those successful and meaningful ventures:

I bought a restaurant on Nantucket ( The Morning Glory Cafe ) at age 24 with no money down, and created a beloved establishment (Voted One of Nantucket's Best Breakfasts) for 14 years. (If you've ever eaten a Morning Glory Muffin, then we're connected!)

I was also founder of Sweet Peas Home, Inc. a multi unit home furnishings retail establishment in Boston's Back Bay and Nantucket for 10 years. This was another beloved establishment that was Voted One of Boston Magazine's Best Gift Stores.

My first foray into the digital world was in 1999 when I launched my 1st e-commerce website for Sweet Peas Home. I learned quickly about SEO and web design way back then.

I've been an intuitive, creative and innovative online marketer, web designer and brand builder ever since!

If you have any questions about anything business or marketing related, I'm here to share my wisdom and experience with you to the best of my ability.

Here's to Being "The Athena" in Your Brilliant "Arena"!

Liz Gracia Founder, Personal Brand Builder, Athena in the Digital Marketing Arena and Consciousness Coach SuperCharge Your Business with a Wonder Woman Brand"

If you have any questions or comments,  please submit them below.

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Course Structure

ONLY FOR LOGGED-IN "Wonder Woman Brands"
2 Lessons

#1 The Significance of Simple SEO Keyword Research Before Diving In!

This course is the "Foundational Basic" for any online marketing endeavor and for sure, launching a "Wonder Woman Brand"!

If you aspire to grow your business online, I DO NOT recommend do these 10 things...

ONLY FOR LOGGED-IN "Wonder Woman Brands"
3 Lessons

#2 Personal Branding or Branding in General is an Exercise in Higher Consciousness!

In this short introduction to personal branding (if you are a solopreneur or a small business owner and could be considered the "face of" your brand) my intention is to help you fully understand the significance of branding.

The branding process will "shore up" every aspect of your business and clearly and concisely define:

  • Who you are,
  • What you stand for,
  • How you set yourself apart from others in your field of expertise,
  • Define the value driven results you deliver to your ideal clients, and
  • What that customer journey looks like. 
ONLY FOR LOGGED-IN "Wonder Woman Brands"
1 Lesson

#5 You Only Have 3 Seconds to Attract & Keep a Visitor to Your Website.

If you built your own website or hired a low cost website designer, you may have missed this vital part of the web design equation and that's what's called user experience (UX Design).

Put your website to the test! 

Could your website be costing you customers?

ONLY FOR LOGGED-IN "Wonder Woman Brands"
1 Lesson

Wrap It Up!

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