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The Importance of Email List Building & Online Lead Generation and How to Get Started

Email Marketing Tips for Online Lead Generation

Today’s video is 1 in a series of 7 videos created for you to understand “How to Build a Successful Online Business” …and what it would really take to get it done right.

This email list building video covers the following:

1. The Importance of email list building and lead generation for your online business.
2. Setting up email marketing systems for your continued online success.
3. How to build an email list online.
4. Email marketing tips & best practices and more!


The importance of email list  building  and generating leads for your online business.

Why is list building and lead generation so important for your business? Because, you have invested in a website, you have visitors to your website and you need a value-driven effective way to engage your visitors and get them to want to start a relationship with you.  You also need some sort of tangible proof that you are truly getting a return on your investment. Capturing leads and building your list is a step in that direction.

Setting up email marketing systems for your continued online success.

Email List Building and Lead Generation Email marketing “Best Practices” is to employ a 3rd party email marketing services provider to manage your email marketing efforts. Here’s what they do for you:

  • Manage your list, subscribers and unsubscribe-rs,
  • Provide email templates for a wide variety of email marketing initiatives be it a newsletter, a personal letter, an announcement or postcard and more.
  • Make it easier to send out professional emails to your current and potential clients and customers.
  • Report on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and
  • Provide auto-responder capability so your lead generation and list building efforts can run on auto-pilot.

How to build an email list online.

The most effective proven way to list build and generate leads online is to develop what is now referred to as a Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is something of value you give to your potential clients and customers for FREE in exchange for their email address.

Some examples of a lead magnet would be:

  • a FREE E-Book,
  • a Free audio download,
  • a Training video or series of training videos
  • Top tips and resources

What is NO LONGER effective is asking people to subscribe to a newsletter!!!

Once a subscriber has opted in for your freebie, it gives you the opportunity to:

  • Provide tremendous value and hopefully deliver something the subscriber can use or apply right away.
  • Deliver a series of value-driven auto-responder emails that helps build trust and a relationship.
  • Get to know you better and get them to want to do business with you.
  • Build long time customers and partnerships.

Important factoid about email lists vs social media followers:

An email list is up to 20 times more responsive and effective than a social media following.

For example; you are more likely to get a response from an email list of 1,000 subscribers than a Facebook following of 20,000!

Do you realize the amount and time and effort required to build a social media following of 20,000 can be vs. an email list of 1,000?


Need help setting up an email platform & online lead generation systems for your online sales channel?

Call us M-F 9am – 5pm, in Colorado (just outside of Aspen) at:

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Liz Gracia, Online Marketing Expert at The Athena Arena The Athena Arena, created by online marketing “Athena” Liz Gracia, is the “You Go Goddess” Arena for igniting your online success. We help women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses.

Our intention is help entrepreneurial women that are serious about their online success “kick it up a notch” so that they can start generating leads and new business faster, and in a more professional and cohesive manner than they could do going it all alone.

If you are ready to set up an email marketing services platform and online lead generation system, call us today!



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